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General Overview

In response to an increasing number of women with a diagnosis of substance use disorders who are pregnant and/or parenting children and the longstanding lack of resources in Ontario, a small group of Kingstonians with both professional and personal experience started meeting to address the challenges.The discussions led to the goal of establishing a residential treatment facility to help vulnerable women recover while supporting their ability to raise their children in a safe and nurturing environment. There are currently no such facilities in Ontario.

Our treatment centre will provide mothers with a safe place to recover from addiction and mental illness while remaining attached to their children. They will have a place to overcome the effects of childhood trauma; meet and connect with peers facing the same issues; have a chance to learn and practice parenting skills; obtain respectful and non-judgmental health care services (including diet counselling, psychotherapy and prenatal care); engage in healthy recreation and fitness activities; and contribute to a community that supports breastfeeding and caring for newborn babies experiencing withdrawal.

Our centre will collaborate with local hospitals, social agencies and schools. It will be a public, not-for-profit institution that will be accessible to women with disabilities and women with fixed incomes. It will be safe and welcoming to women of all cultural backgrounds, including members of First Nations communities and newcomers to Canada.

About Us

Our Beliefs

  1. Addiction is a chronic disease; recovery from addiction takes a combination of on-going therapies in a safe and fair environment.   
  2. The children of women with substance use disorders are vulnerable to developing problem drug use themselves.
  3. Communities should strive to decrease or eliminate exposure to trauma and poverty that can lead to drug use and dependence in children. 
  4. Help for addicted and drug-dependent mothers today will decrease the harms that might affect their children tomorrow.  

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